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Page 1

*She's curious with his head...
Bonney: What happened with your head!? Isn't it's more larger like a lightbulb?
Vegapunk: Ah because it's grown quite large, I cut it.
Bonney: You can cut it just like cutting a hair!?
Vegapunk: Well when we met last time, my body size grew as large just like giants.
Jinbee: I've hear the rumors that he's a large guy.
Bonnie: So it was just like baloon.
Vegapunk: No. The truth is.. Nomi Nomi Nomi Nomi Nomeargh...
Vegapunk: No. The truth is I am "Brainiac Man" who ate Nomi Nomi Fruit!! With it, I can remember every tiny detail of knowledge! The brain is getting bigger and bigger with the data capacity!!
After all, I was born as a genius with unlimited databank in my brain!!

Page 2

Vegapunk: It has grown into the world's largest brain and still continues to grow!! Luffy: Even now?
I don't see any change at all.
Chopper: That was incredible! As a researcher, are you strong too, Dr Vegapunk?
Vegapunk: Of course!
Chopper: Eh!!!
Luffy: Old man, you cutted your head.. Does that mean, you became stupid? Vegapunk: Don't underestimate this genius, you damn brat!
Vegapunk: This apple is... An antena!
Vegapunk: See the top on the island!! On the backside of the giant egg There's "Punk Records" written on it! That was a hangar for my brain!
Luffy: Eh!? Isn't that is too large?
Vegapunk: Even if I am apart, this antena will connect it via psychic wave. So there's no problem!

Page 3

Vegapunk: Earlier, you guys have met with
A girl name Vegapunk, right?
Vegapunk: That was my clone. There are 6 of them in this island.
Luffy: Is that a Ninja move!?
Vegapunk: Each one is an expert in the necessary elements. 6 people combined have the same personality as me, but the labor force is 6 peoples!!
Luffy: What's that supposed to mean!? Vegapunk: It means, once a day i synchronize their experiences and knowledge through Punk Records. Their personality and duties are separate, but each of their experience is worthwhile!!
Jinbee: Is it because they shared the same brain with you?
It's an incomprehensible world

Page 4

Vegapunk: Consider it like using the same library! For example, if every person in the world can access my brain...
It's as if all mankind has acquired my knowledge!! Vegapunk: Also, if mankind reciprocally can update the Punk Records, It is possible to create a sea of knowledge far beyond my brain
This "Brain" will someday can be share with all mankind!! Chopper: So that means every researcher in the world can learn from it?
Vegapunk: Of course!
Chopper: Uwoooh!!! Jinbee: Will there be any inconvenience if you get into my thoughts? Vegapunk: You really are a sharp one, Jinbee the Sea Warrior! But science can't move forward if you worry about that!
Pepepe pepepe!!

Page 5

Bonnie: You never change, Vegapunk! Bonnie: You are willing to sacrifice for the sake of science!!
That's why you transformed my father into an emotionless combat weapon!
Vegapunk: Stop Bonney! That saber was a failed product!
Bonney: Shut up! I just tested it's sharpness earlier! Just change my father back!
Bonney: If your answer is "No"....
Jinbee: Bonney!! Please think again! If you kill him,
you will end up making more enemies than you can possibly imagine!!
Vegapunk: Just turn off the switch, Bonney!
Vegapunk: That beam function is...
Vegapunk: To attract a large number of insects!
Bonney: Eh!?

Page 6

Bonney: Gyaaa!! Bonney: Gyaaa!!!
Luffy: Oi Bonney!!
Luffy: Look what I found, a large stag beetle! Chopper: Not large stag beetle!!
Are you not worry about her fainting?
Vegapunk: That make sense
Vegapunk: Her reason to kill me make sense.
I'm helped because the weapon she picked is a failed product...
By the way, you guys recently went to Wano right?
Is it true about the rumours that there's another dragon besides Kaidou?

Page 7

Luffy: Ah, you mean Momo?
Vegapunk: It's a failed Devil Fruits that I left in Punk Hazard. It seems he ate it.
Luffy: Hm? Really? It's a failed product?
Vegapunk: It's an artificial Devil Fruit that I created.
It was created with a large amount of research funds over 20 years from Kaido's lineage factor
Vegapunk: But his growth won't be the same as the original fruit.
Luffy: Ah! So that's why he can turned into dragon like Kaidou!?
But it was a success! He can spit fire and he is powerful, even now he became a guardian deity for Wano!!
Luffy: So you created it? You are incredible!! Vegapunk: What's the color? Luffy: It's pink
Vegapunk: You see!? It was a great failure!!
Luffy: I mean it's still allright though...
Jinbee: I see, so he is a genius and a perfectionist.

Page 8

Luffy: How about this robot?
Please move it, aren't you the one who created it right? Vegapunk: No, that's wrong.
That's the legendary metal giant that attacked Mary Goise 200 years ago.
Luffy: 200 years ago?
Vegapunk: Also that machine probably created far more than 900 years ago.
Luffy: Eh? That's impossible!
Vegapunk: I still don't know the reason it's created.
I heard that there was no damage due to lack of energy.
The researchers at that time was surprised.... With unknown science it have.
Vegapunk: No one knows where it came from or what it was trying to do.

Page 9

Vegapunk: World Government ordered for its complete destruction,
But because their curiousity, the researchers didn't do that. Vegapunk: It still exist here because the information of it is passed down generation by generation of researchers. The government didn't know about its existence.
Vegapunk: You guys did well coming here.. You must've seen the entrance as wall, right?
Luffy: Well I did go rough on it Chopper: No! We just lost! We didn't go rough into it! Vegapunk: Well I'm truly sorry for that experience.
Robin: 200 years ago... That year is the exact year when discrimination agains fishmen movement started!!
Franky: So that robot climbed through Red Line!?
Shaka: Probably..
a pirate : Ut who is world tod

Page 10

Shaka: We created Vegaforce 1 based from everything we learned from it.
But there are things that I can't replicate with my science, I can't believe it was a machine soldier made 900 years ago.
Franky: A machine that even you can't replicate!?
Shaka: The problem is "power" In the past, there was power enough to change the common sense of the world today Nami: But for now, I'm happy Luffy and the others is safe. But who is that girl?
Sanji: It's Jewelry Bonney right? She is a pirate just like us!
Usopp: So that girl got some trouble! Luffy: Also Vegapunk's head is awesome!
Vegapunk: To Bonney...
I did some bad things to Bonney Luffy: Oh yeah! Old man, you should beg for forgiveness!
Vegapunk: What did you know about it, you damn brat!!!

Page 11

Vegapunk: There's some things
Vegapunk: I wished to handed over to her.
Vegapunk: Also, Straw Hat Luffy!
Vegapunk: It's a fate that you came here!
Vegapunk: Can you
Vegapunk: Take me out from Egghead?
Cipher Pol: This is Cipher Pol
We wish to harbor.
Cipher Pol: What an insistent pet he have.

Page 12

Cipher Pol: We've got information that Jewerly Bonney is heading to Egghead
Lucci: She's an eyesore who repeatedly escapes.
Lucci: But we have no longer use for her, right?
Next time we meet, I'll definitely kill her.
Phytagoras: Shaka! It's the government's ship!
Phytagoras: It'd be bad if they knew we harbored pirates in here.
Phytagoras: Also there's CPO, and Lucci is on that ship!
Lilith: Just let them enter!
Rob Lucchi is assassin, right? Usopp: Eh? Rob Lucci!!??
How about you let me out of here right now!!!
Nami: Oh noo!! I hate him! So he's not retired? Please don't let him enter this island!
Sanji: Robin, don't you worry! I'll protect you no matter how many times!!
Shaka: Please relay this to the ship: "Just put the Seraphim here and leave!"
Lilith: Eh!?

Page 13

Shaka: We're preparing to intercept them! We decline their request to harbor! Kama Bakka Kingdom on Grand Line
Lindbergh: Dragon!
Lindbergh: Something strange happened to Kuma!
Lindbergh: Wait, Kuma! You are still under repair! Inazuma: Kuma!
Karasu: What's happening?
Revolutionary: Is he still under Navy control?

Page 14

Koala: Where are you going, Kuma! Koala: He still can't properly move!
Koala: He lost almost all of his conscience!
Army: What's happening Army: We don't know!
Army: Kuma!
Koala: Please come back, Kuma!
Dragon: What's the matter, Kuma? Where did you want to go!?
Ivankov: Just stay here! From now on, our battle as Revolutionary Army...
Will start!!
*Where is the destination he start running single-mindedly!?


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