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Chapter 1,072: "The weight of memories".
Germa 66's Ahh... An Emotionless Excursion Vol. 28 "Mass producing lethal weapons”. In the cover, we see Queen preparing viruses, Judge making his spear and Caesar creating a Devil Fruit (Vegapunk and the mistery woman don't appear in this cover). It seems some time passed since last cover. They wear another clothes and Queen is a bit fatter. Devil Fruit that Caesar is creating is black.
Chapter starts with a narration from Vegapunk's journal during MADS time (it's not a flashback, only a text during present time). Vegapunk said that even if the world doesn't accept it, he views "her" as a real human. Vegapunk said to that "this experiment" will be their first step toward peace.
Bonney turns herself into a kid and pretends to cry to gain Vegapunk's sympathy. When Vegapunk comes near Bonney, she turns herself again, now into a very buff adult version. She looks bloated, like a balloon (it seems Bonney's powers can make her turn herself into different variations of her future-self or something like that).
Bonney knocks Vegapunk's ages out of him in form of sparkling jewels. Then she turns Vegapunk into a baby that can talk (probably thanks to his genius brain).
Vegapunk: "What!? That sparkling jewels are my age!!?"
Vegapunk says he can't tell Bonney the reason why he turned Kuma in the past, because that reason will cause Bonney a great pain. That's why Vegapunk promised Kuma he will never tell Bonney the truth.
Bonney turns and sees a room with a bear-paw at the door. Bonney walks toward the door and destroys the lock by aging it up (this ability is similar to Shinobu's ability in Wanokuni).
Vegapunk and Kuma flashback starts. Vegapunk looks similar to the flashback in Ohara, Kuma wears a white patient clothes with no hat, showing his hair and glasses. Vegapunk told Kuma that a scientist in the West Blue discovered that humans weigh 21 gram less after they die, so 21 gram is the weight of human's soul.
Vegapunk also explains Kuma's "Nikyu Nikyu no Mi" ability. He says Kuma's power turns intangible things into something tangible. For example, Kuma can transform “pain" by turning nerve signal into tangible energy that he can push out of a body. So by extension, Kuma should be able to do the same with "imagination", "thoughts" or even "memories" as well.
Vegapunk wants that Kuma tries to bring out his own memories because he wants to know the "weight" and "size" of human memory. Kuma doesn't want to do that since it's embarassing, but Vegaunk begs him for the sake of science.

Back to the present, Bonney enters in the room with the bear-paw at the door. In the middle of the room, Bonney sees Kuma's bear paw-shaped energy. She walks toward it. At the same time, we also see what is happening in the "Red Port". Real Kuma is trying to climb the "Red Line" but he's shot down by the Marines.
Back to the room with the bear-paw at the door. Bonney is about to touch the energy.
Vegapunk: "Don't touch it Bonney!! That is Kuma's pain!!"
Bonney: "I know my father's ability. This is not "pain". There are his “memories", right?"
Bonney extends her hand to touch the energy.
Cut now outside to the "Labo", Zoro Vs. Kaku continues. Kaku is using his awakened form, that is similar to Lucci's. Kaku's Human-Beast form has now "dark flame hair" and a stream of floating "dark fire wraps" around his shoulders.
Kaku uses some old attacks like "Bigan" (Nose Pistol) but he uses too a new attack called "Kyoku Bigan: Kirimangyro" (Extreme Nose Pistol: Spinning Snake). However, Zoro overpowers Kaku and knocks him down to the ground easily while Brook protects the Thousand Sunny.
Suddenly, it's revealed that the 4 Seraphim came up to the "Labo" as well despite receiving no order. It's revealed that the Seraphim's personality allows them to react and make decision on their own to adapt to battle situation, so they come up to assist CPO by themselves.
However, this is not what CPO wants, since Vegapunk still hold higher authority than them. Edison and Lilith run out to try and take back Seraphim. Sanji and Franky go to assist Zoro and Brook. Luffy and the other Straw Hat stay at the lab.
Lucci orders Seraphim to destroy the “Labo” before Vegapunk can come out. 4 Seraphim start attacking the "Labo" building together. However, suddenly Kaku's neck is bitten by someone and Kaku fell asleep.
We discover that the one who bit Kaku is Stussy, who has vampire-like wings and fangs. Her true identity is revealed: Stussy is the clone of "Ms. Buckingham Stussy", one of the Rock Pirates' members. Stussy is the first successful human clone of MADS.
Stussy: "I just made Kaku go to sleep, Lucci...
And now I need you to sleep as well!!"
End of the chapter. No break next week.


Traduzione Pagina Doppia:

The Seraphim are also setting foot here!
It's 2 vs. 7! The enemies are all elites!
Usopp: Damn it! So they called them over during that short malfunction in the barrier...
...No, if it were up to CP0, then they'd be unlikely to bring the Seraphim with them.

[text covered by watermark]
blank panels]

This was most likely also outside of CP0's calculations...! On this Phase where we hold higher authority precedence...
...The Seraphim can be an advantage for us!

[blank panel]

Edison: That is, if the orders can go through! Until then, problems don't get worse than this! I'll be right back!
Edison: It'd be great if the two in front can hold up, though!
Lilith: Whoa! I'll go too! Hehehe!

Shaka: I'm counting on you, Edison and Lilith!
Lilith: Shut up! Acting like a bigshot!
Sanji: So you'll die in the line of duty with One Piece right before our eyes, Marimo-kun...
Nami: You go too! This is also dangerous for our crew, you know?!

[blank panels]


Traduzione Ultima Pagina:

Lucci: What are you doing...?!

Stussy: What, you say? I just put him to sleep.
Stussy: I'd appreciate it, Lucci... If you sleep too.
(Clone of Miss Buckingham Stussy, of the Rocks Pirates) //TN: Bucking is spelled the same as Bakkin//
(MADS clone experiments, success #1 - Stussy)

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