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One Piece SPOILERS Capitolo 993

One Piece Capitolo 993 Spoiler, ワンピース Spoiler, One Piece Raw

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- Flower Capital

[Today is going to be fun!]

-This is The Fire Festival!!!!
[Wano is flourishing-]

[The residents of the flower capital are smiling again, but behind that smile Was a life filled with immense pressure ]

Confirmed spoilers :
- Chapter tittle is "Wanokuni's dream".
- In the cover, Lola and Gotti are married.
- Something happens at the end of the chapter, Izou is shocked.
- No Break Next week.

Unconfirmed spoilers:
- Yamato isn't on the chapter
- There is a panel where Sasaki meets Franky.

Yakuzas (I mean, soldiers of Red scabbards) begin to fall against the forces of Kaido

- People in the Flower Capital are enjoying the festival and are waiting for the Kozuki samurais to save Wanokuni (I guess hence the chapter name).
- The bullets that Queen fires are called "Bingu" (or something like that).
- From what is seen in the image, Bao Fang's power allows him to see through the eye in the paper that the cat is carrying and discovers Yamato chasing Momonosuke and Shinobu, and informs King.
- King orders Tobiroppo to take him to Momonosuke, Sasaki finds them.
- Sasaki's subordinates shoot Shinobu but Yamato stops them.
- Kaidou gets up after the attack, says he has seen Oden's shadow behind the Red Scabbards.
- But he says that they are not as powerful as Oden since it was impossible for him to heal from the wound he made.
- Kaidou cuts off Kiku's arm.

Note : "Kaido cuts off Kiku's arm" had some sort of "unconfirmed". So lets wait the image spoilers for that line.

* Description of people living in the City of Flowers enjoying the festival with the legend that the Kozuki samurai will save Wanokuni as their support.

* Queen's shot was an excite bullet "Koori Oni" (literally the "freeze tag" kids game) (? that doesn't make much sense as of now, hope it will make more sense with pics...).

* As depicted in the drawing, Baofang uses a "yin and yang skill". Watching Yamato from A position chasing Shinobu from B position (look 2nd picture/guardate la seconda immagine), and reporting to King.

* King ordered F6 to bring Momonosuke's head to him, and Sasaki found Momo. Yamato stopped Sasaki's men from attacking Shinobu.

* Kaido saw the shadow of Oden from the scabbards samurai, and tells about it while standing up. At that time, he roared a "weasel-shaped wind", saying that they would not be able to hurt him like Oden's scar

* Kiku's arm was severed and flew away.
(I don't know which arm it is, because it's an explanation).

- The bullets that Queen fires are called "Koori Oni" ("Frost Demon" or something like that).
- Kaidou gets up after the attack, says he has seen Oden's shadow behind the Red Scabbards.
- At the same time he lets out a roar called "Slicing Wind" (or something like that) as he tells the Red Scabbards that they haven't been able to cut him like Oden did.

Chapter 993: "Wanokuni's dream".

In chapter cover, Lola and Gotti got married!!

Chapter starts in the "Fire Festival". Although people in the "Flower Capital" are smiling, deep down all of them fear Orochi. "Fire Festival" is the only day when all of them are happy becouse it's the only day Orochi leaves the "Flower Capital".

People are telling tales and dreams about how the Kozuki are fighting Kaidou and Orochi on Onigashima right now. Since "Fire Festival" is the only day they are free to dream.

Back to Onigashima. Queen is using the "Plague Bullets: Ice Ogre". These bullets turn people into ice onis. All f them have horns, are covered in ice and go bit people.

Luffy and Sanji confront one Headliner whose hand is the upper half of a gorilla body. He seems pretty strong so Luffy prepares to stop and fight. Sanji gets angry saying he can take out this enemy for Luffy in only 10 seconds.

However, Jinbe appears and easily takes care of all enemies around them. Sanji gets annoyed thinking how Jinbe is so good in everything. Jinbe then joins Luffy and Sanji to go to Onigashima's dome.

Cut to Yamato, Shinobu and Momonosuke. There is a cat watching them, the cat has a paper covering its face and the paper has an eye (like Who's Who tatto). The cat informs Bao Huang about Yamato and Momonosuke location and then Bao Huang informs King.

King announces to all his subordinates that half of the intruders are samurai serving Kozuki. If they can kill Momonosuke, the battle will end easily. Sasaki appears with Kaidou's armored troop. They all fire at Momonosuke but Shinobu protects him with her body. Yamato stands facing Sasaki and the armored troops.

In Onigashima's dome, Kaidou murmurs that he saw Oden's shadow in the Red Scabbards' attack. But as he thought, the Red Scabbards are not Oden.

Kaidou: "I would have been fine with letting myself killed.
There will never be any samurai as strong as Oden!
Your power isn't enough to kill me!!"

The wound caused by the Red Scabbards with the "Togen Totsuka" makes Kaidou bleed, but isn't enough to reopen the old wound Oden caused him.

Kaido roars and send "Kamaitachi" (Wind Blades) from his mouth, cutting Kiku's entire arm...

End of chapter. No break next week.

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